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8 quick easy home decorating ideas

1. Accessories to a Bookcase or Display Wall

Run out of wall space for artwork? In any case, you shouldn’t worry. You may use wall hooks to display everything from framed photos and sconces to potted plants and bookmarked websites. Here is a guide on how to hang artwork above bookcases, complete with advice from interior designer Marissa Bero, who has successfully executed this look in many different personal libraries, including the one displayed in this example.
It’s best practise to begin at the top of the stack and work your way down. Decorate the top shelf from one end to the other, filling up most of the space.

Leaving some room at the shelf’s ends is aesthetically preferable.
Making shelves look like they were designed by a pro is all about piling objects at different heights. Look at the picture below as an example. In addition to stacking items from one end to the other and from one side to the other, I also took sure to use items of varying heights on the top shelf.
Simply increasing the amount of farmhouse décor in your home and decreasing the amount of boho or mid-century pieces will achieve the desired effect.
If you’re going for a more contemporary look, you’ll want to pare down your decorative accessories and focus on using larger pieces instead of their smaller counterparts.

2. Neutral and light colours should be used while painting walls.

Neutral tones like beige and grey should be used on the ground floor to promote easy navigation. Discomfort caused by sudden changes should be kept to a minimum. You can experiment with different looks just by switching up your accessories when you have neutral walls. Also, if you have two adjacent small rooms, painting them the same neutral hue can make the space feel much bigger. To create a minor visual distinction between rooms, simply examine a paint strip and go up or down a shade or two.

3. Create a Relaxing Reading Area

Not even a corner to curl up in with a book? In any case, you shouldn’t worry. If you don’t have a spare bedroom or bathroom to use as a reading nook, you can turn your formal living room into a comfortable reading nook. Pick up pieces of furniture that are both elegant and inviting, whether you plan on entertaining guests or relaxing alone.

4. Boost the entrance’s ambiance

Transform a narrow table, a pretty sprinter, and a snug little bench into a show-stopping entryway. The addition of a key dish and a compact chest of drawers turns this into a second entrance that serves multiple purposes.
The same drapes or curtains that add drama to the living room will do the same for your foyer.
Guests entering the home through the front door will be greeted by a brief corridor before entering the main living area through the decorative curtains or drapes.

5. Wallcoverings made to order

It’s amazing what a difference wallpaper can make in unifying a space. Adding custom-designed wallpaper to any room is a great way to show off your taste in home furnishings and improve the aesthetic appeal of your space.
Spoonflower gives you the opportunity to express your individuality through the use of wallpaper by customising it with designs created by independent artists. Spoonflower’s pre-pasted wallpaper is ideal for a quick and easy DIY makeover. It’s perfect for houses, rental spaces, and accent walls because it lasts a long time yet can be easily removed (and recycled).

Pick a form that means something to you, like a heart, an animal, or some encouraging words. Use a single colour of string throughout the project, or mix and match.

Create a photo gallery made up completely of unique pieces of wall decor. You may make an eye-catching piece of wall art that is sure to impress with a canvas print, framed or unframed. Old photographs have the power to evoke feelings of longing in even the most jaded among us. This begs the question: why not build a memorial wall? The simplest approach to adorn a wall is to hang a collection of framed artworks in a variety of sizes and colours. A well-arranged gallery wall attracts viewers since each picture offers a unique perspective on a topic.

6. Painting

Creating appealing marble art by letting paint ooze in a riot of colours over a canvas is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Thankfully, it’s not hard to make your own version of this type of decor, and all it takes is a trip to the craft store.

7. Indoor greenery

Incorporating plants into a room is a low-cost approach to add visual appeal. They are aesthetically pleasing and help to clean the air in your home. Plants, likewise, are among the least complicated do-it-yourself home decoration projects you can think of. Gather a variety of tall and short houseplants and cluster them in front of an empty wall. Extra colour can be added with bright planters and stands for them.

8. A collection of books on a wall

Book pages can be used to create a whimsical atmosphere in any room. Books of any kind, whether they hold sentimental importance to you or are dusty relics from a time when you were too busy to read, will look great displayed in this way.

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